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Therapy for children and former children
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Articles by Jennifer Trinkle on parenting kids and teens and on therapy.

What is play therapy and how does it work?

It may seem fairly obvious on the surface that therapy with children uses play, art, and movement versus traditional talk therapy techniques (falling back on that old therapy cliché How does that make you feel?just doesn’t cut it for kids—or most adults!). However, you may have some questions about the process. 

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Children and grief

How does a child experience grief? The answer depends on any number of factors, including the age of the child at the time of the loss, the importance of the person who died and the family tasks both material and emotional they fulfilled, and the robustness of other adults in the child’s life.

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Cloudy skies inside: Checking in with your emotional weather

This morning I lay in bed, too early to be awake, and felt my internal weather pattern shift and move—a roiling of clouds and keening winds. I didn’t try to make too much sense of these sensations, though they were informative: something is stirring me up.

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