Therapy that helps former partners co-parent

Many things can get in the way of a positive co-parenting relationship. A painful history or leftover anger from past hurts can make it difficult to start fresh. Disagreements over discipline, education, and screen time are among the many places where co-parents can get stuck.

Learning how to parent even when you are no longer partners

helping divorced parents learn to work together

I help parents who are not romantically partnered work through differences of parenting philosophy, helping you find common ground.

This work is very present-focused and pragmatic. We may look at communication patterns and assumptions each person brings to their parenting and think about ways to work together for the common cause of child-rearing. Returning to past anger and pain is often not productive when learning to work together in support of your children. Generally sessions include both parents, though there may be times when I recommend occasional one-on-one appointments.

Some of the issues I work with co-parents on are

  • Communication

  • Working through parenting disagreements

  • Cultural differences

  • Negotiating transitions

  • Finding common ground

what i do not do

I do not make recommendations for custody or provide any material supporting a particular side in court proceedings.

what you do

For co-parenting work to be effective, both parents must be ready to try working together and agree to focus on the present. 

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