Jennifer Trinkle Therapy
Therapy for children and former children

Therapy with Adolescents

You are likely here as a parent, worried about your teen and looking for help. The atmosphere at home is tense. Your teen may be on board for therapy or they may be reluctant. Below I speak directly to teens to give them a better sense of who I am and how I can help.

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Therapy with Teens

Fights between you and your parents have escalated. They don’t—or won’t—understand how you feel or what’s going on for you. Concentrating on anything is really hard right now and it seems like you will never catch up. Everyone says it gets better, but you’re not so sure.

I help you grapple with depression and anxiety, deal with stress, and develop a strong and healthy sense of who you want to be in the world. 


While I work with teenagers on a variety of issues . . .

I find that I resonate most with kids who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and perfectionism and who are really starting to sort through through who they are and who they want to be. I am able to be present when you are hopeless, can help you see the good within, and support your family in a way that helps them better understand where you are coming from.


How therapy works

I believe that a good therapeutic relationship, along with pragmatic solutions, are key to positive change. Generally, therapy with me involves talking about what is on your mind. I don’t listen passively, but think with you about what may be going on under the surface and what would help. I also make careful interpretations and observations. I have art supplies and a variety of activities that can be useful to incorporate, too, depending on what interests you and what issues you bring to therapy.


The role of parents

Your parents and I are partners working together in support of you. They likely spend a lot more time with you than I will. In addition, they have a deeper knowledge of your history. It is important I check in with your parent(s) when necessary either in person or on the phone. Therapy is most effective with their support. At the same time you are becoming independent and getting ready to launch into adulthood, so these check-ins are on an as-needed basis and I always protect your privacy.