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Therapy for children and former children

Therapy for Tweens

Your once bubbly child has become uncommunicative. Sometimes she overreacts to the smallest seeming things. Or he is so anxious he can’t go to school most days. You don’t understand what is going on and wish you knew what to do.

I help tweens learn how to process and communicate their emotions in healthy ways, changing self-defeating behaviors and improving their sense of self. Identifying ways for tweens to cope with anxiety and depression is also part of my work. Email or call to set up a free consultation.

Therapy for Tweens


A mix of therapeutic activities

Therapy with tweens is a mix of play, talk, and games, with plenty of parent support sprinkled into the mix. For many tweens, doing helps talking, which is why board and card games are often part of the background of treatment. For artistically minded tweens, creating artwork smooths the way to deeper discussion. Mindfulness exercises are also useful.


The process of therapy

After an initial conversation to see if I am a good fit, I schedule an in-person meeting with you. From there, I meet with your tween. I may also, with your permission, reach out to teachers and other professionals in the child’s life. It generally takes 4-6 meetings for me to assess and gather information for a treatment plan, which we will meet to discuss. I will also discuss this with your tween. Depending on the issues, therapy can take a few months to a year or longer. I discuss my treatment time estimates with you. And sometimes it is helpful for a child to come back on occasion for a tune-up, particularly during stressful or transitional times. 


Your role

Because we are partners working together in support of your child, it is very important we check in regularly either in person or on the phone. Therapy with your tween is most effective with your involvement. I see your child for just an hour or two each week. You know them best and see her or him in a variety of different places and times. I schedule parent check-ins, either in person or on the phone on average every 4-6 weeks. I protect your child’s confidentiality throughout, but will keep you informed of larger themes and when I have serious concerns.