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Therapy for Parents

Therapy for Parents


Something brought you here

Lately, it’s been hard for you to be present for your kids. You can’t tell if it’s them or if it’s you. You’re trying desperately to not become like your parents, but memories of your childhood intrude when you least expect it and you’re afraid that you’re ruining your relationship with your children. A new baby or sibling, two separate families attempting to "blend," navigating being a single parent, adjusting to a child’s mental illness diagnosis—there are times when it makes sense for parents to seek therapeutic support.

I help you become the parent you want to be, giving you space to process the past and live in the present, while also helping you think concretely and pragmatically about parenting approaches.

How therapy works

After an initial consultation to determine whether I am the right fit, I meet with parents regularly to think with them about what is getting in the way of parenting and how to change family dynamics. I provide space to work through what works best for your family, helping you parent in a thoughtful and deliberate way. 

This support can be present- and solution-focused, particularly in times of crisis. Depending on your needs and the situation, we may also delve into your family history, working on the belief that how we were parented affects how we parent. When all parents are available, I prefer to work with them together, though may meet one-on-one on occasion.

Therapy for parents who are no longer partners

I help parents who are not romantically partnered work through differences of parenting philosophy, helping you find common ground. This work is very present-focused and pragmatic. We may look at communication patterns and assumptions each person brings to their parenting and think about ways to work together for the common cause of child-rearing. Returning to past anger and pain is often not productive when learning to work together in support of your children. Generally sessions include all parents, though there may be times when I recommend occasional one-on-one appointments.