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Therapy for children and former children

Therapy for Young adults

Therapy for Young Adults

You're supposed to be all grown up but don’t feel like a grownup. Sorting out what you want to do with your life is overwhelming. You find yourself obsessing over the past and missing out on the present, while the future feels murky and hopeless. You can create something beautiful and satisfying out of your experiences!

I provide a safe space to work through trauma, anxiety, and depression, giving you room to create the life you want.


Therapy made for you

My approach is catered to your needs. While the situation that brings you to therapy is always a focus, I also acknowledge that the past informs the present. We may take on that past directly or keep it in mind as a minor theme. Insight combined with action are often the keys to change.

While I work with young adults on a variety of issues . . .

I find that I resonate most with adults who are struggling with family of origin issues, discrimination, and experiences of trauma and loss. These issues and experiences often lead to depression, anxiety, and worries about not being good enough or able to make healthy decisions. I am able to be present when you are hopeless, can help you see the good within, and support you as you change what your past means to you and create a path of your own choosing.

How therapy works

My approach to therapy is relational, attachment-based, and rooted in making sense out of what may be operating under the surface. After an initial free phone or in-person consultation to see if I am the right fit, our sessions will focus on present issues and what may be influencing them from the past and present. We may look at family and unconscious patterns at work. In addition, I take a social justice stance and always consider the effects of your identities, social forces, and differences between us and how these factors affect you and our therapeutic relationship.